Karnataka portfolio allocation seems poor

The portfolios of Karnataka Council of Ministers have been announced, and it seems to be a rather poor exercise.

The above tweet by Mr. Aruna Urs seems to convey a common sentiment.

  1. Handing Bengaluru Development to Mr. Parameshawara (who is also Home Minister and had mismanaged police in his last stint) is not going to help. You can read stories of his mismanagement here, and here.
  2. Four different ministers for Commerce and Industries!
  3. Mr. Krishna Byre Gowda could have been made Finance Minister. Its hard to believe Mr. Kumaraswamy is capable of handling finance, while also being the CM. Mr. Siddaramaiah had nearly a decade of experience as Finance Minister before becoming CM. We hope Mr. Krishna Byre Gowda will still represent Karnataka in GST Council and 15th Finance Commission related discussions.
  4. Several ministries are split with many ministers handling departments within those ministries.
  5. Handing particular depts to unrelated ministers leads to suspicions of planned loot of those depts or fear of loot. Media must watch such ministers (like Sugar, Muzrai, ports).
  6. Mr. Priyank Kharge is Social Welfare Minister, while Backward Classes dept and Women/Child, Senior citizens, disabled depts are with Ms. Jayamala. Why not hand all these to Mr. Kharge who did a very good job last term?
  7. Why have 3 ministers for Education?